Wake Up! The time to paddle is now.

Posted by Walt Brown on Dec 22, 2020 1:00:00 PM

Sweet economic waves are coming - they will be huge, powerful ground-swell waves or dependable waist high rideable waves on a glassy surface - and the time to start paddling is now.

What I mean by paddling is this; stop sitting on your board, lay down, get aligned, dig your toes in to your wax and start paddling like hell. Get your Structure Perfect, get your Culture Aligned, get consistent with how you Operate.  

Structural Clarity and Consistency
Cultural Clarity and Consistency
Operational Clarity and Consistency


Sounds simple but from our experience time is against you! 

When surfing, if you are not paddling and moving when the wave-pocket reaches you one of two things will happen:

  1. The wave slides under you and you miss it; or
  2. You get rolled, it picks you up and slams you down to the bottom and keeps you down depositing you on the beach.

You have to be moving.

We can be your surfing instructors, we can help you get moving with all three; Structure, Culture, and how you Operate.  You might not have time to fully adjust how you operate as an organization, however, you can define and strengthen your Culture and you certainly have time to focus on your Structure.

Let us help you.  We are your instructors, we can help you shorten the time it takes to make a difference.

Catch these post covid, post election waves, they don't come along that often.

Here are options on how we can help you catch these waves. 


Facilitations For Your Organization

Walt and Allen have a few slots open to help you via workshops for all three areas. 

Approach Results Timing Budget
Install an Organizational Operating System like EOS® 18 to 24 months to be an expert, but, inside the 1st 60 days will be catching some sweet rides. 18 to 24 months $$$
Outline and install the 7 Question - 7 Promise Framework™ of Culture This will help you catch and ride the early waves by making sure you are properly aligned. (Lots of our culture work has to do with thinking strategically, having a strategic plan and strategic program in place.) 4 weeks $$
Getting clear on your Structure following the Organizational Cognizance Model™ This effort gets your entire organization on board and paddling together helping you  will catch these waves more efficiently and easily. 2 Weeks $$


Self-Guided Virtual Learning

All of our Structure and Culture insights, tricks and methods are captured in 50+ easy to absorb video lessons along with 60+ worksheets and 10+ Diagnostic Assessments at https://learn.7q7p.com

For $2,995 you get perpetual access and all future content. Pretty sweet option. (Note: If you subscribe to learn.7q7p.com you will receive a 50% discount for all attendees who attend one of our 2-day workshop in the future.)

Two Books

You can read to understand the underlying methods.

Let's Chat

We are always open to take your calls and speak with you about your business - these 15 to 30 minute calls are free


Topics: Operational Clarity and Consistency, Cultural Clarity and Consistency, Structural Clarity and Consistency

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