Day-Trading is Consuming My Client’s Leaders and Managers.

Posted by Walt Brown on Oct 21, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Face it, a few of your leaders are amazing Day-Traders, making you money every single day - others are losing your money every single day.

Did you know that Day-Trading is a common role and duty of most modern day business leaders and managers?

Did you know that leaders and managers gamble with company money every day? Yes, they Day-Trade all the time, often trading on very little information, with very little documentation and very little understanding, often trading on gut and feeling, using outdated tribal knowledge.

Day-Trading is Consuming My Client’s Leaders and Managers... did this headline get your attention? Then read on.

Think about it, we “Day-Trade” with our employees each and every day. Employees trade their time, their day, for the money we pay them, we invest in them, they are our investments, and we are paying with real dollars, not trinkets or tokens, right?

Are you sure you are making the best Day-Trades, the best investments? What if you had dependable and legal insider information?

What if you really knew what each of your investments was doing and how each fit into your portfolio? Think about how powerful it would be if your investments were cognizant? What if they knew exactly what they were doing and why, what if your investments were able to know what every other investment was doing, how it all fit together and why?

Of course I am talking about your people as investments and I am asking: Do you know what everyone is doing and why? Do your people know what they are doing and why? Is your entire organization cognizant of how it all fits together; who is doing what and why?

Can you track this, can you see it, can you make trades and adjustments in real time?

My clients, especially companies run by Millennials, are attacking this question with vigor and resolve. They are aware of and dissatisfied with the status quo, with the fog, blindness and lack of depth their grandfather’s Org Charts and Accountability Charts provide.

They understand that they are Day-Trading with real $s and will not tolerate being blind any longer.

To erase this dysfunction, they are running exercises, involving every employee to discover what everyone is doing and why, and then they are capturing this information in an accessible and viewable database called an Organizational Graph.

As a result, everyone of their “investments” works together by answering and having access to these 14 Cognizance Checkpoints.

They have cognizance around these 14 things, they know the Why.

  1. The purpose of their Jobs and Seats.
  2. The purpose of their Roles and Positions.
  3. Who they report to.
  4. Who they are mentored by.
  5. Who they are coached by.
  6. What workflows they participate in.
  7. What processes they follow.
  8. What systems they log in to.
  9. What skills they need.
  10. What teams they are part of.
  11. What meetings they attend.
  12. Who are their clients / customers, what are their projects.
  13. What are their objectives,
  14. What are their key results

All of these 14 Points are captured in an easy to access, drill into, update and visualize graph database - an Org Graph. [See the world’s first at]

How are you and your leaders and managers going to become expert Day-Traders? Simple, study the Organizational Cognizance Model described in my book, Death of The Org Chart, and follow the facilitations outlined in the book.

Bonus: To measure the Health of your Investment Portfolio, use the 7 Questions 7 Promises Culture and Engagement Survey.

I hope you are smiling + motivated, and I hope this helps.

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